What I Want You to Know… A Re-Homing Guide for Your Pet written by me and wonderfully illustrated by my sister, Catherine Koon, is done!

pet_loss_webThere are many reasons why people have to give up their pets, including unexpected financial hardships, moving to a new place that doesn’t allow pets (such as assisted living or nursing homes), or animal conflicts in the home.  Another major reason is when the owner is in the dying process and wishes to find a new loving home.

It can be an emotionally difficult time to say good-bye to these dear and trusted friends.  The guide is designed to ease the pain by passing along information to the new owner as completely as possible.  It is an act of love on the behalf of the pet owner in thanksgiving and gratitude for the unconditional love the pet has given!

The guide is a 32-page journal guide in which the owner fills in information on their pets’ likes, dislikes, daily routine, food choices, activities, responses to new situations, etc.  It is illustrated with 15 original portraits of dogs and cats.

Praises for the Guide:

This publication is a wonderful guide for anyone facing a life crisis that requires them to find a new home for a pet.

“My little dog ‘owns’ my heart and gives such joy to my life.  If I were presented with having to give her to another, the Re-Homing Guide would allow me to gift someone else with the joy of her ‘quirkiness’–to give her the best chance for a wonderful new family.”  Teri F.

“I just love what Vicki has created through this book.  We are ‘dog people’ and the most immediate use I can think of is to have this information in our Trust/Will for our dog Sophee.  It also would have been very useful for when my father died and we had to place his seven year-old dog, Buddy, in foster care before he was adopted by a loving family.”  Donna J.

“Thanks again for sending me a copy of your book “What I Want You to Know” a few months ago.  I just wanted to let you know that I tried it out on one of my estate planning clients who loved it and filled in every page.  She also added pictures of her dog.  Thanks for sharing.  I’ll certainly be showing the book to my other pet owner clients in the future.”  William C, Attorney at Law, Minneapolis MN


The guide is $9.99.   


For orders of 10 or more, there is a 20% discount.

Allow 5-7 days for delivery.